Supported Browsers

We support Chrome 40+, Safari 6.2.8+ (MAC OSX - except 8.0.7), Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox 35+, Android Lollipop+ (KitKat may work), and iOS 8+

For IE10 the following may work but we do not provide official support for it:
1. In Internet Explorer 10 click on the gear icon in the top right hand corner
2. Select “Internet Options”
3. Click the “Security” tab
4. Select the “Internet” zone icon.
5. Click the “Custom Level” button
6. Scroll down to find the “Miscellaneous” section
7. Under the “Miscellaneous” section you should see “Access data sources across domains”
8. Click on the circle beside “Enable” under that section.
9. Click “OK”
10. Click “Yes” (to confirm)
11. Click “OK”

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