How do I add availability (advanced or general)? What are the differences between general and advanced availability?

General Availability:
Most of the time general availability is what you will need along with connecting your google or outlook/office 365 calendar to block your busy times booked outside of LaunchSpot.
This option allows you to specify which days of the week you are available, recurring every week and the hours you are generally available in those days.
General availability is the default setting for new accounts with the defaults being 9-12 and 1-5 Monday through Friday.  Block off any times that you do not want to be available for booking in your own google/outlook calendar (as long as you have connected your calendar with LaunchSpot).

Advanced Availability:
Advanced availability should be used when you only want to set availability for specific dates or only recurring for a few weeks or months.  This option allows you to specify which dates you are available, how many recurring weeks you are available (if applicable) and the specific times on those dates that you are available.
Note: Connect your Google/Office365 Calendar to automatically block your busy times from being available in LaunchSpot.

To add availability:
Click on Add/Edit Availability in the left hand menu and follow the on screen instructions.

To change your availability type:
Click on the three dots beside your picture in the top right
Click on Meeting Settings
Select whether you want to use general or advanced availability

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